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Images leading up to the Democratic debate on the campus of the University of Wisconsin MIlwaukee.

Food and decorated desserts are set out for the media throughout the day.

UW-Milwaukee student Corey Hoover's photo booth snapshot showing his support for Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders.

UW-Milwaukee freshman's Brent Killian & Emma Rappaport showing their support for Hillary Clinton with the photo booth set up.

Paul Anderson, walks through the union concourse while he records a video of his protest against Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton. "With the email scandals and the Benghazi attack, Hillary Clinton makes Edward Snow look like Mother Theresa."

Secret Service Police Officer purchases a coffee at the Union Grind coffee shop.

Bernie Sanders supporters outside the Helen Bado Concert Hall.

Protesters show their concern to the Democratic candidates on the issues of the fight against the tar sands expansion in Wisconsin.

Milwaukee Police Department were scattered throughout the area of the campus making sure the event goes off without incident.

"I'm with her!" As Jim Linsey of Brookfield yells out leading the support for Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton.

Protesters for raising the minimum wage fill up the Union Concourse before the evenings debate started.

News medias from all over fill up the Union Ballroom and take notes as the Democratic debate went underway.

Reporters observe as they watch Democratic candidates Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton in the spin room.

Tad Devine, senior adviser for Bernie Sanders chats with media sources in the spin room after the debate.

News anchors went live and talked about the outcome of the Democratic debate at the end of the night.

Milwaukee Mayor, Tom Barrett makes his way up to the front of the Spin Room to talk with media sources on his views on how the night went.

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